At 175m in length Acionna Yacht is the ultimate world cruising megayacht and challenges many of the preconceptions about larger yachts which are often said to be homogenous and conventional. At first glance it is obvious that Acionna is absolutely unique, her avant-garde styling a feast-for-the-eyes from every angle is exaggerated by her elegant proportions and sheer scale.

Acionna Yacht
Acionna Yacht

Named after a Gaelic water goddess, yacht designer Andy Waugh’s new concept, Acionna, would be powered by hydrogen if built. The designer tells that he was inspired by Norwegian ferries and cruise liners, reading as much as he could about the new propulsion method before designing Acionna.

Acionna Yacht Interior

The interior space available within the design is colossal and could include almost any feature desired including potentially a full size squash court, helicopter hanger and a 20m indoor pool.(Yes, you read correctly a full 20m indoor pool, for your convenience if your already doing the math or conversion – thats 65 feet long, inside of a boat!) Included in her 8 decks is a spectacular, double-height main saloon with panoramic curved glass overlooking the main aft deck pool.

This area of the design leading down to the swimming platform is highly unusual as it comprises of a central ‘island’ of communal areas completely surrounded by the pool and accessed via a tunnel aft and a bridge forward. The pool flows constantly down the sloped transom and into a lower pool of the swim platform, whether this is used as a method of egress is left up to the individual….



Our favorite aspect of the ACIONNA is the design both on the outside, however more so on the inside. To clarify we are not only referring to its beautiful interior finishings, and amenities such as pools, spas, entertainment, etc, but the functions of the yacht, the engine build out and focus on the future in bettering our world and changing the way yachts are built.

Slightly more space will be used for the propulsion system in comparison to conventional designs as she is planned to be powered with hydrogen using a similar system currently being trialled in cruise ships and ferries. If the power used to manufacture the hydrogen is purchased from renewable energy sources the yacht could be said to be ‘zero impact’.

Hydrogen propulsion currently makes the most sense with larger vessels requiring long range capability (as battery powered electric systems require regular recharging) however at present there are only a few marine hydrogen facilities in the planning stage.

The Acionna concept is for those who see themselves as an innovator, a trend setter, and the game changers. Those who certainly appreciate luxury but also want to have a positive impact.

We wanted to write this article not only because of the obvious beauty and love for the yachting world, but more so due to the positive impact the yacht would have on the world and the change in direction this yacht could create as far as how vessels, cruise lines, and alike boats are manufactured and produced around the world.

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