Aqua hydrogen super yacht by Sinot Yacht Design & Architecture. The debut, albeit with a scale model, was made at the recent Monaco Yacht Show, where the mega yachts are not lacking. This is a 112-metre project with a futuristic design and even more forward-facing propulsion. The entire yacht is supported by fuel cells powered by liquid hydrogen. A system that, after having received great attention in the first decade of the 2000s, seemed to have been definitively shelved. But with Aqua it is back in vogue.

hydrogen super yacht worth $747 million

Breathed by the sea

The external appearance of the megayacht is inspired by the environment in which it is located: the ocean. Aqua’s design run in a single line. From the stern they rise gently towards the top of the superstructure, which houses a 360-degree panoramic capsule where is placed the wheelhouse. Then they meet in the bow area. In this zone there is a spectacular room with glass walls where guests can admire the sea like never before.

Most convivial areas are located in the forward area of the ship. The outdoor areas are located aft, where the sections are larger and more voluminous and culminate when the yacht is lowered aft towards the beach club. In addition, always at the rear end, a large staircase divided in two by a large swimming pool with waterfall, offers an incredible glimpse in all circumstances.


Inside, the ceiling heights vary between 2.8 and 3.8 meters, limiting the feeling of closure to the maximum, to prolong the feeling of living outdoors even indoors. In addition, full-height windows on the walls at the height of the main hall keep guests in constant visual contact with the surrounding environment.

The owner’s apartment is also enriched by a private spa. While the couple staying in the VIP suite, located at mid-ship, is offered the opportunity to enjoy every hour of natural light thanks to the large transparent wall. The design studio that developed the Aqua concept also thought of the style and chose a particular minimalist Japanese style for this environment. With health and wellness at the heart of the project, Aqua also offers its own whirlpool room, yoga area and a large training area at water level.

Liquid hydrogen and fuel cells

Powered by hydrogen, the naval architecture and engineering aspects of Aqua were developed by Lateral Naval Architects. The system works with liquefied hydrogen which is converted into electricity and distributed on the ship to be used by the propulsion system and services for guests and for navigation needs. An energy management system stores electricity in large batteries to ensure that needs are always met. A configuration, which required the team of designers and engineers five months of development.

The yacht even has an infinity pool on deck.(Supplied: Sinot)

The performance of Aqua – hydrogen super yacht

In terms of performance, the range is expected to be 3,750 miles while the maximum speed is around 17 knots using the fuel cells PEM (Proton Excange Membrane) as a source of energy to operate an axle with two counter-rotating propellers and two twin engines Voith Scheider, already widely used on tugs and ferries for the maneuverability they provide. “Reliability and safety are essential in our world,” added Sinot. “That’s why we emphasize that we have implemented proven technology in a new container.

There is space to land a helicopter on the top deck

Hydrogen super yacht Images

The giant hydrogen super yacht by Sinot