Fulk Al Salamah or translated to English “Ship of Peace” was assembled by “Mariotti” in Genoa, Italy. It is the world’s second-largest super yacht.

It is believed to belong to the Omani Royal Fleet. Notable amenities include a beauty salon, beach club, and conference facilities. It requires 130 crew members for optimal operation.

Information that we know

Information about the Fulk Al Salamah is not public. What is known is that the boat’s exterior was designed by Studio de Jorio.

fulk al salamah docked, large luxury boat docked in port
ship of peace Fulk Al Salamah large luxury boat

The exterior is looking like a support vessel, but this is a real luxury super yacht inside

As you can see, 164 metre Fulk Al Salamah features a large helicopter deck, raked masts and a bathing platform.

However, the lack of exterior relaxation spaces adds to the impression that she is a support vessel, rather than a super yacht in her own right.

Nonetheless, she can comfortably lay claim to being the world’s largest super yacht support vessel.

picture large super yacht above from helicopter with helipad helicopter landing on super yacht
large super luxury yacht in ocean Fulk Al Salamah
very large luxury boat moving through water

Images show what could be an expansive beach club similar to that of a sistership built by Mariotti.

Meaning “Ship of Peace”, luxury yacht Fulk Al Salamah was first discovered in 2014 as project Saffron. It is believed to have inherited the name from a 136 metre support vessel, which has since been renamed Aldhaferah.

Although not the longest yacht, a record currently held by super yacht AZZAM, which measures 180 metres (591ft), “Ship of peace” is the biggest in terms of volume measured by a gross tonnage of 22,000 GT. For this reason, the superyacht eclipses AZZAM, which comes in at 13,136 GT.

Fulk Al Salamah
helicopter landing place on super yacht picture taken from air

Important note about Fulk Al Salamah

It must be noted that a yacht’s size is measured in gross tonnage rather than length. Gross tonnage (often abbreviated as GT) is a nonlinear measure of a ship’s overall internal volume.

Calculated by measuring a super yacht’s volume and applying a mathematical formula, it is then possible to produce an accurate reading which can be used for comparing its size to other yachts.

fulk al salamah

Inside Al Salamah – Luxury super yacht interior video

Video of Fulk Al Salamah luxury interior

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