The brilliant team from Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design has just revealed a new incredible project. Luxury super yacht Nature was born! A futuristic 120 meter-long yacht concept that might have Kevin Costner begging for a Waterworld sequel.

nature super yacht aft deck
Luxury super yacht Nature

The proposal is a full custom design with a holistic approach that seeks to combine beauty and functionality in a groundbreaking way. The yacht’s name was chosen due to the boat’s conception as a platform for experiencing the natural world.

nature yacht image
yacht nature by sinot
aft deck

Complete with a garden and observatory decks, the design aims to create a functional yet desirable retreat on the open sea. The lush garden on board benefits from state-of-the-art climate control technology, while the upper deck observatory allows passengers to enjoy unique and memorable views the open waters.

nature logo
capitan deck
living room

Two levels with floor-to-ceiling windows eliminate all borders between man and nature, allowing an overwhelming sense of bonding with nature. Amenities aboard include eight luxurious state and VIP rooms and, a spectacular owner’s suite, and many other bespoke features, like a cool spa deck, with a lovely gym and swimming pool.

outside seating
lunch area
modern design

Building luxurious yachts with nature in mind seems like the proper way to go, although it might seem a bit discriminatory to allow only those of us with deep pockets to enjoy the good life and save the planet in the process.

luxury bed
garden in bedroom
room with a view
more seating
swimming pool

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